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Fat Absorption Formula (2nd Component)

If there were a way to eat the foods you love without worrying about the fat, I’m sure you would want to know about it. Our Fat Absorption Formula works on the fat in the foods you eat, while our Thermogenic Formula works on the fat on your body, making a great 1–2 combination for losing inches and pounds. This all-natural product is a unique combination of herbs and fibers, which actually attach themselves to ingested dietary fat and then safely escort it out of your body before it can be absorbed.

Simply, by taking these tablets before a meal you will be able to help shield your body from absorbing unwanted fat from the foods you eat while allowing enough fat absorption for normal cell maintenance. You will still enjoy great-tasting meals and deserts because you made them fat free . This product also helps to reduce your appetite thereby inhibiting weight gain and helping you to maintain your ideal weight.

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